The Franklinton Soccer Club (FSC) was established in 2019 to organize, administer and promote soccer in the greater Franklinton area for youth and adults.  Inherent in this mission are the goals of teaching soccer skills and tactics, providing a safe, fun environment to learn and play soccer, and to foster sportsmanship and teamwork among soccer players.


Soccer is the most beloved sport in the world, and we believe its future in Franklinton is bright.  The Franklinton Soccer Club has the ability to positively impact the entire community by providing the opportunity for every child to be exposed to a sport they can play long into adulthood.  Our success will be determined by our efforts to work cooperatively under a shared sense of purpose and a common belief in supporting the development of players, coaches and referees.

In that way, we believe…

… that players should be kept at the center of every decision, and should be provided with an environment that is inclusive, safe, and is one in which they can develop to their potential. 

… that coaches should participate in courses and educational opportunities that match their ambition.

… that referees should be provided with the resources that allow them to develop their skills, invite respect, and enjoy the experience.

In order to achieve these three larger goals, we believe the following conditions must be met.  

1.      Facilities for practice and games must be resilient to weather conditions.

2.     New coaches must attend an orientation clinic in order to learn age appropriate game rules as well as techniques for conducting practices and games. Coaches with experience should seek to develop their skills.  

3.     New Referees must attend an orientation clinic in order to learn age appropriate rules as well as techniques for conducting games.  Referees with experience should be required to develop their skills with either on line certification or a resident clinic.  

4.     The club will continue to reach out to players in the community that have not played Soccer and the Club will strive to allow membership to any player regardless of their financial situation.

5.    Club finances must be protected and managed in a transparent way.  



1. Players primarily play to have fun.  Parents, coaches, teammates and club officials owe a duty to players and their parents to create a fun atmosphere.  Players should alert their parents and coaches if they are not having fun. 

2. Player are not expected to win every game.  Players are expected to give their best effort during every practice and game. Players are expected to improve their individual skills and contribute to the improvement of their team by learning positional play, strategy and tactics. 

3. Players cannot expect their opponents or referees to exhibit good sportsmanship; however, players, parents and coaches are expected to practice good sportsmanship in every practice and every game at all times.  

4. Players have a right to a safe environment.  Coaches, parents and players are all responsible for being safe by practicing a Two-Adult policy, common sense, and the law.  Adults should always be on guard for situations which may lend themselves to children being placed in vulnerable positions.  

5. Players have a right to a profanity-free, bully-free environment.  Coaches, parents and players are all responsible for their language and actions. The club has a zero tolerance policy for adults who violate this policy.

6. Players, parents and coaches execute a Club Code of Conduct.  Violation of that code is grounds for dismissal from the Club.  Prior to dismissal, the club works to resolve issues. 

7.  Before U11, players will play equally and play every position.  At U11 and above, playing time is not equal. Coaches may place players in specialized positions.  Playing time is earned by ability, attendance and attitude.  

8.  The Club reserves the right to add to this statement of philosophy, especially in regard to the rights and responsibilities of adults within the Club.